Stories of Innovation video series NJIT

Mousa Hamad, NJIT Biology major, “Depression Detective”


Georgeen Theodore, NJIT Associate Professor of Architecture


Jen Switala, NJIT Solar Decathlon Architecture Competition


Philip Goode, NJIT Distinguished Professor of Physics, “Titan of Telescopes”


Katia Passerini, NJIT Professor of Management, “Innovative Info”


Jonathan Daudelin, NJIT Mechanical Engineering, “Designing Robots”


John Federici, Distinguished professor of physics at NJIT’s College of Science & Liberal Arts,  “Revealing Radiation”


Salman Naqvi, Electrical Engineering major and Honors College undergraduate,  “Gravity Waves”


Crystal Kania, NJIT Biomedical Engineering major, “Vision Quest”


Ian Lafond, PhD/MD student, “Virtual Healing”


Joseph Kardos, NJIT Civil Engineering student, “Safer Bridges”


Edgardo Farinas, NJIT Associate Professor of Chemistry & Environmental Science, “Designer Proteins”





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